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Aug 14

Vote for the next mission!

Get ready to vote on your next mission. Due to the shorter length of these missions, I (along with others) recommend bumping up the requirements on the selected mission from what is shown below. If any of the “We all love the …” missions get selected, we’ll give everyone a quick chance to add in …

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Aug 10

Announcing Operation: Battlefield friends, Aug 11 @ 0800 CDT

In this mission, I suggest you use every weapon or vehicle that my friends like. I meet many nice people in this game and this mission is made to honor them. good game, and keep smiling … it’s just a game! Thank you to my team Bad Azz Brother for laughter, we are bad guys, …

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Aug 04

Vote on the next Mission!

Alright we have a whole lot of fresh ideas for this next mission. Thanks for everyone who submitted such great ideas, keep them coming. We have 5 brand new mission ideas, please vote on the one you want to play. Submit your vote here: OLYMPIC GAMES Operation: Battlefield friends! Operation: we love Rush! operation …

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Jul 28

Announcing Operation Universal Soldier starting July 29th @ 0800 CDT

By Gustavo Something from each class where a master of weapons and classes is needed.. The number of kills and ribbons are for Mini Me’s Revenge and A Battalion Against What?: KH2002 = 750, 1000 Revives = 1500, 2000 G53 = 750, 1000 Javelin = 150, 200 M27 IAR = 750, 1000 C4 = 500, …

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Jul 14

Operation Spirit of Battlefield, starting July 15th @ 0800 CST

Sorry for the delay everyone, my fiance and I decided it was time to finally tie the knot. I intended on starting this mission prior to leaving, but for those of you that have taken the dive you understand it’s no small en devour. I do deeply apologize for the delay in starting this next mission. Now on …

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Jun 22

Start voting for the next mission.

Now that we all have had a bit of a break from Battlefield … yeah right, you all are still playing … so let’s select our next mission. We have a few more new ideas and a few oldies to select from: Operation: Spirit of battlefield Operation: Universal Solider Operation: A losing team! Operation: James …

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Jun 11

Announcing Operation, I Got a New Gun!! Tuesday June 12th

Highlighting some of the new toys from the newest expansion, BF3: Close Quarters. The mission is scheduled to start at 0800 CST on Tuesday June 12th. Get working towards your unlocks and enjoy!! Assault: AUG A3 – 1500, 2000 Kills SCAR-L – 1500, 2000 Kills Support: L86A2 – 1500, 2000 Kills LSAT – 1500, 2000 …

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Jun 08

Vote for your upcoming mission!

Now that Operation Movie Experience is almost complete, let’s get voting on the next mission. We have a lot of great ideas that have been submitted by the community. We have: Operation, I Got a New Gun!! Universal Solider Operation: A Losing Team! James Bond Operation Iron Eagle To view details about these missions and …

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Jun 02

Announcing Operation: Movie Experience

The first and only showing starts on Sunday June 3rd at 0800 (CST) Sharp! OPERATION MOVIE EXPERIENCE -Stalingrad: SKS 2000, 1000 Kills -Black hawk down: 100, 50 Venom kills -Top gun: FA-18E Super hornet 250, 125 kills , -Top gun: SU-35BM FLANKER-E 250, 125 kills , -Dirty Harry : 44 magnum 1000, 500 kills -Expandables: …

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May 22

Vote for the next mission now!

Not wasting anymore time, here’s a list of ideas submitted by the community for the mission following  Operation Medal of Honor: Operation Iron Eagle F/A-18E SUPER HORNET SU-35BM FLANKER-E SU-25TM FROGFOOT F-35 A-10 THUNDERBOLT 9K22 TUNGUSKA-M LAV-AD Air Warefare Ribbon Anti Vehicle Ribbon Ace Squad Ribbon Avenger Ribbon M-COM Attacker Ribbon Operation Universal Solider Assault: …

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