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BF Clan Wars


Battlefield Clan Wars is a game played against other clans using your accumulated game stats. There is no software to install, no requirements to play in special servers, no need to even be apart of a clan – play as a mercenary.

Clans elect to join missions and compete until all objectives have been met. Objectives can be a variety of requirements that will change for every mission. Objectives may include something like, a clan must accumulate 1000 Medic Efficiency Ribbons – combined from all registered clan members. A single mission will be made up of 10 unique objectives and could last several days depending on the selected objectives.

Players are required to register with BF Clan Wars and submit their Battlefield 3 Player ID, and select their clan from the registration page. This is required so a player’s stats during a mission can be accumulated and counted toward their respective clan.


  • Anyone can join
  • No need to install software
  • You don’t have to play on special servers (server must be ranked)
  • Play as a mercenary and let your points go to the highest bidder
  • Ability to vote on new objectives
  • Bragging rights