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Runner’s Journal

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By JimWare, LLC

Use this app to keep track of your runs and how you felt. Each time you submit a new run, it gets added to your total distance to date and averages your pace per week, month, and overall. This allows you to track your overall progress in an easy to use and light weight tool.

Free version also available here.


Getting ready for your marathon or just a 5K? Record your distances and time, Runner’s Journal will automatically calculate your total distances and paces on a weekly, monthly, and overall basis.

There’s no need to take your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with you while running. This app simply records your run after you’ve completed it. We understand most runners like to stay as light as possible while running.


Keep track of your runs by rating how you felt and record specifically how you felt or why you felt a certain way on your run.


The app was designed to work with your iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, and iPod Touch allowing all users the benefit of easily tracking their runs.


Share your run with your friends on Facebook. Compete with your friends to see who can run further this week or next month.


Your information is stored on your personal device. So there is no account to set up, no website to log into every time you use the app. Just open it and know your information is kept private.


Runner's Journal WebsiteRUNNER’S JOURNAL WEBSITE

Use our website to view and share your run history.View weekly, monthly, annual graphs to see how far you’ve come and easily track your pace so you can see how much better your are getting. View in real time other runners just like you and see how they are doing.