Jan 16

Swimmer`s Journal Released!!

Swimmer's Journal

Swimmer’s Journal

We have officially released Swimmer’s Journal, the second of the Active Journal apps. Similar to Runner’s Journal, you can record your swims, keep track of your overall pace, and track your weekly and monthly totals.

We are currently also working on Cycling Journal, which will complete the Active Journal apps. Use all three apps to train for your next Triathlon or use each individually.

Swimmer’s Journal is available on iTunes, along with Swimmer’s Journal Lite, the free version which has a limit of 10 swims. But users of Swimmer’s Journal Lite will be able to migrate their swims to the full version by syncing your swims with the Active Journals website.

Finally, www.RunnersJournalApp.com will be getting replaced with www.SBRJournals.com and will display stats from all three apps.

So get swimming and enjoy!