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Aug 14

Vote for the next mission!

Get ready to vote on your next mission. Due to the shorter length of these missions, I (along with others) recommend bumping up the requirements on the selected mission from what is shown below. If any of the “We all love the …” missions get selected, we’ll give everyone a quick chance to add in …

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Aug 10

Announcing Operation: Battlefield friends, Aug 11 @ 0800 CDT

In this mission, I suggest you use every weapon or vehicle that my friends like. I meet many nice people in this game and this mission is made to honor them. good game, and keep smiling … it’s just a game! Thank you to my team Bad Azz Brother for laughter, we are bad guys, …

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Aug 04

Vote on the next Mission!

Alright we have a whole lot of fresh ideas for this next mission. Thanks for everyone who submitted such great ideas, keep them coming. We have 5 brand new mission ideas, please vote on the one you want to play. Submit your vote here: http://forums.bfclanwars.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=256 OLYMPIC GAMES Operation: Battlefield friends! Operation: we love Rush! operation …

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Oct 25

BF3 Stats Paths – JSON Format

I have located some stats pages formatted in JSON that can be parsed and used to make your own BF3 stats pages. Blake Harley has a great API written in PHP that works great for parsing the overview stats. Unfortunately the URL used in the above API only accesses the overview stats, basically the information on the Stats …

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